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無料 Card Game © Mojang.

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39651 votes, 9 stars

をダウンロードしようとしています Scrolls 1.4.2 APK アンドロイド用ファイル 2.3 com.mojang.scrolls-1-4-2-APKDom.com.apk 最終更新日時 30 9月 2015 & 年齢区分 Everyone 10+. ダウンロードのためのあなたの Android デバイスに十分な領域があることを確認します。

ダウンロードを選択するには、サーバーの場所の1つを選択して、のapkファイルを取得します Scrolls 1.4.2, あなたの Android の携帯電話のメモリまたは SD カードにファイルをコピーし、apk をインストールするあなたの好みのファイル マネージャーを使用しています。

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ここのアンドロイドアプリとゲームはすべて家庭用または個人用です。 apkがあなたの著作権を侵害している場合は、フォームを使用してください お問い合わせ フォーム. Scrolls 1.4.2 は開発者の財産および商標です Mojang, 全著作権所有.

Scrolls 最新バージョン レビュー

3 stars: I just wasn't 'wowed' or really grabbed by this game. Its a good enough game I suppose but just didn't keep my attention. Also, It runs a little sluggishly on my (admittedly) slower tablet. I really only played it for half hour or so and just didn't feel myself really asking for more. It just wasn't really the game for me. I recommend trying it out for yourself to decide if its a game you would want to invest into.
5 stars: Solid strategy game Really solid gameplay, good variety of cards/units, has a MtG level of depth for the strategy but the mechanics are much less complex. I just wish idiots would stop giving bad reviews just because "it's not Minecraft"
4 stars: Beautiful Gameplay! I love the idea! One problem, why did it shut down? I would really like Scrolls to be active, sincerely -NathanBrutal
3 stars: Mojang help me! I don't know why but it won't let me update minecraft my last update was in June and I don't wanna uninstall it and have to pay for it again, and it doeen't say anything like this version is not compatable or anything, and im writing this here because it wont let me write a review on minecrafts page. Thank you. I will give you 5 stars if you fix this problem.
3 stars: Fun game, buggy on android I've been playing scrolls on PC and it works just fine, but on my Samsung galaxy tablet 8.4, it seems buggy. When you select cards to play, the board won't highlight the tiles to place them down on. If you can select one card from 3 to ...

Scrolls   新着情報

VERSION 1.4.2 - Due to updated legal requirements, we no longer sell shards - Be aware that any existing shards will expire when the servers shut down on or after July 1st, 2016. Be sure to use any remaining shards before then. - Balance tweaks VERSION 1.3.0 - 60 brand new scrolls in the Echoes set - Ranked reset - Automatic ladder seasons - Increased gold and scroll rewards - Updated Judgement mode - New preconstructed decks - Balance tweaks - Bug fixes - Read the full changelog on scrolls.com