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免费 Trivia Game © FEO.

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您将要下载 QuizClash™ 5.2.3 APK 安卓系统文件 4.2 se.feomedia.quizkampen.de.lite-5-2-3-APKDom.com.apk 上次更新时间 23 五月 2019 & 年龄评级 Everyone. 请确保您有足够的空间供下载 Android 设备上。

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QuizClash™ 最新版本点评

3 stars: Pix duel was more fun. As a replacement this I find this game to be harder. I liked the pictures in Pix Duel.
3 stars: The game is very good, but 1 thing should be changed to make it perfect. Lower the time to answer the questions . Now I have lot of time to type the question into Google and find the answer, and it ruins completely the experience of a real quiz duell
4 stars: BUG: In Russian version, when I refresh the list of games, pop-up with the results of the finished one is displayed. Though, is says I won because the partner's time was over in all cases.
3 stars: It's necessary to earn money with your work, I get that. But filling it with as much ads as possible is a pain. Plus selling the premium for 13 AU$ is pretty brave.
5 stars: Fixed the notification problem, turn on 'ignore battery optimisation' for app!
5 stars: C'mon guys, it's 2019 now, make 18.5:9 screen suppor finnaly, please.
3 stars: fun app, but with a huge amount of very obnoxious advertising which cannot be muted without muting the whole phone.
5 stars: Quizclash is hotter than a motherlover. I don't use chat option any more tho, there's some crazy peeps out there
5 stars: the game is soo hard either that or feo is super smart. how am i supposed to know what fortnite is?
3 stars: get an error when try to register, only Facebook work properly. Sad
3 stars: everytime I want to open the app it crashes and I can't access my games😕

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QuizClash™ apk bug fixes and app improvements. New download for QuizClash™ apk file.