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تحميل التطبيق Turn-by-turn GPS navigator التثبيت أحدث APK تنزيل

تنزيل Turn-by-turn GPS navigator APK


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الحصول على الإصدار الأخير من Turn-by-turn GPS navigator من Maps and navigation لـ Android. ⬛ Live road situation notification SNS-Road hazard points and sections-Police crackdown speed/signal/drinking, etc.-Vehicle accidents and breakdowns-Voice alert notification when approaching... قراءة المزيد.

Turn-by-turn GPS navigator   com.DrowsyDrivingAlert   تفاصيل التطبيق

Turn-by-turn GPS navigator   لقطات الشاشة

Turn-by-turn GPS navigator
Turn-by-turn GPS navigator

Turn-by-turn GPS navigator   الوصف

أحدث Turn-by-turn GPS navigator apk تنزيل. ⬛ Live road situation notification SNS
-Road hazard points and sections
-Police crackdown speed/signal/drinking, etc.
-Vehicle accidents and breakdowns
-Voice alert notification when approaching the reported point

⬛ Overseas traveler speech translation function
-Almost all the languages of the world
-Speech dictation
-Photo text translation

⬛ Drowsiness detection and facial gestures
-Drowsiness detection function
-Adjust eye size, eye closing time and screen display settings
-Alarm phrase audio output setting
-Drowsy driving alarm function On/Off
-Bluetooth device selection and output settings

⬛ Navigation & Maps
-Turn-by-turn audio guides in all regions of the world
-Fast re-route setup when deviating from route
-Current/next step remaining distance direction indication board
-Current step road name information board
-Automatically save recent searches and bookmark places
-Point of Interest (POI) marker click function
-Map/camera-linked compass
-Global, country, my center radius place search setting function
-Find nearby places with a specified search radius
-Detailed additional description of the search location
-Weather information and forecast at the search location
-All search places and weather sharing function

⬛ Seamless real-time location tracking and mirroring sharing
-Voice call during mirroring
-Voice-to-text chat during mirroring
-Up to 10 people can be invited
-Seamless real-time location/direction tracking mirroring function
-Sharing driving-walking mode mirroring

⬛ Dash camera recording(driving record) and review function
-YouTube upload function of recorded video
-Video quality set options
-Storage selection option
-Map, chart(speed/altitude), recorded video all synchronized review

⬛ Calculation of land area
-Infinity marker setting
-Select various distance/area units
-Easy save list management and sharing

⬛ Global SNS function
-Easy writing and post a SNS article for people around world.
-Instant translation of global posts
-Comment/reaction tag automatic notification function
-Chart review function of saved car driving YouTube video

This app is only available for use in Russia and over 12 years of age. تحميل وإعداد ملف APK مخزن اللعب أو تحميل وتثبيت obb الأصلي من جوجليبلاي AppStore.

Turn-by-turn GPS navigator   محفوظات الإصدارات

Turn-by-turn GPS navigator   العلامات