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تحميل التطبيق スーパー地形 - GPS対応地形図アプリ التثبيت أحدث APK تنزيل

تنزيل スーパー地形 - GPS対応地形図アプリ APK


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الحصول على الإصدار الأخير من スーパー地形 - GPS対応地形図アプリ من Maps and navigation لـ Android. Received the 2018 Japan Map Society Award for Best Picture.--You can use "super terrain data" that emphasizes the terrain with your own technology.--You can use Geographical Survey... قراءة المزيد.

スーパー地形 - GPS対応地形図アプリ   com.kashmir3d.superdem   تفاصيل التطبيق

スーパー地形 - GPS対応地形図アプリ   لقطات الشاشة

スーパー地形 - GPS対応地形図アプリ
スーパー地形 - GPS対応地形図アプリ

スーパー地形 - GPS対応地形図アプリ   الوصف

أحدث スーパー地形 - GPS対応地形図アプリ apk تنزيل. Received the 2018 Japan Map Society Award for Best Picture.
--You can use "super terrain data" that emphasizes the terrain with your own technology.
--You can use Geographical Survey Institute maps, topographic maps, geological maps, antique maps, old and new maps, etc. of the Geographical Survey Institute.
--The GPS function allows you to record tracks (trajectories). It also has GPX log input / output and editing functions.
--Equipped with functions to support city walking, mountain climbing, and outdoor activities such as GPS navigation (with voice) and data recording / editing.
--There is a line-of-sight judgment function that can be used for creating cross-sectional views and for viewing / wireless communication. You can also view the building.
--Equipped with a 360 ° panoramic view function. It is a mountain seat identification function that knows the name of the mountain. The sun, moon, and GPS points can also be displayed.
--GPS function, batch map download, map cache function that can be used comfortably offline without radio waves for mountain climbing and outdoor doors.
--You can associate a photo with a point.
--You can display contour lines generated from elevation data.
--The MGRS grid (UTM grid) can be displayed.
――Can be used overseas.
-Corresponds to the dark theme.

1. 1. Abundant maps that can be used

Maps that can be used (more than 100 types including combinations)
It has its own super terrain data, a map of the Geographical Survey Institute, a hazard map, and so on.

* Aerial photographs (by age group) may not be available depending on the age group. The areas with relatively wide coverage are "latest" and "around 1974".
* Maps using super terrain data can be used free of charge for 5 days after the application is installed.

2. 2. Creation of cross-sections and prospects

You can easily draw a cross section that passes through any point on the map.
In addition, it is equipped with the familiar outlook judgment function in Kashmir 3D. Calculations that take into account the roundness and air gap of the earth can be performed.
It is very useful for checking routes during mountain climbing, determining wireless visibility, and grasping terrain.
Where there is PLATEAU building data, you can make a cross-sectional view including the building.

3. 3. Elevation palette function

By using the altitude palette function, you can change the background color of the map and change it to your favorite color coding (step color) in 1 cm increments.

4. Panorama perspective

From anywhere on the map, you can view a panoramic view of the name of the mountain. With a 360-degree panorama, it can be linked to the compass of your smartphone. Demonstrates its power in identifying Yamaza.
You can display the sun and moon (including the age of the moon). It can be used to search for Diamond Fuji and Pearl Fuji.
You can also display the position of the GPS point.

5. GPS function

You can also record the track (trajectory) by acquiring location information using the GPS of your smartphone.
Adopts high-precision position measurement that can withstand full-scale mountain climbing and outdoor use.
The recorded track can be displayed as a graph with parameters such as height difference, speed, time, and elapsed time.
The point alarm function notifies you by voice and alarm when you approach the point.
You can display a photo in association with a point.
You can send the map center position to NaviCon.

6. GPS track batch playback

This is a function to play back track tracks together.
Matches the shooting times of the photos saved in the smartphone and automatically displays the matching ones.
An icon is displayed at the photo position and tapped to display it.

7. GPS navigation function

Equipped with a function (track navigation) that allows navigation along a preset track using the GPS of the smartphone.
If you deviate from the track, you will hear a voice or an alarm.
You can surely prevent getting lost in mountain climbing.
In addition, route navigation using route data that is convenient for walking around the city and point navigation aiming for one point are also possible.

8. GPS data editing function

It can handle GPS-related point, route, and track data.
You can manage by folders. It is an easy-to-read display in a tree format.
It is also possible to create a track directly on the map.
You can also import and export in GPX format from mountain climbing sites.

9. Map use outside the service area (offline)

You can use the map even in places where radio waves do not reach, such as mountain climbing.
With the batch download function, you can reliably download the full scale map of the specified section.
You can see at a glance where it is downloaded. Prevents the situation where there is no map on site.
There is also a cache function.

10. Map history function

I remember what I saw once. It is possible to return to the place you saw before.

11. Custom map support

You can import and use a custom map cut out with a map cutter of Kashmir 3D. It was
You can display and use your own map or scanned map as a map.
When using a map cutter, divide the image size into a size of about 256 x 256.
Please send the created kmz file to Super Terrain using email or Cloud Drive.

12. Cooperation with other apps

GPS data can be input / output in GPX format, KML format, and GDB format.
It is possible to exchange data with other apps and the software "Kashmir 3D" on the PC, and use the trajectory data of the mountain climbing site.

13. Backup function

All data in the app (excluding maps such as cache) can be backed up and taken out of the smartphone.
If you take it out, you can restore the data even if you turn off the app or your smartphone breaks down.
There is also an automatic backup function using Google Drive. You can always keep the latest backup.
See the manual for details.

14. About billing function

Maps using super terrain data and some functions such as GPS track function and cross-sectional view are subject to in-app purchase. In addition, the number of search results for place name searches will increase after billing.
● Fee
Annual payment 780 yen / year
● Free trial
You can try it for free for 5 days after installing the app for the first time.
After 5 days, some functions and maps will not be available.
You will not be charged unless you perform the purchase operation.
To purchase, select [Settings]-[Purchase to remove function restrictions] in the app.
● Confirmation and cancellation
You can check the automatic update timing and cancel the automatic update from the following.
1) Open Google Play
2) Press "Subscription" from the menu
3) Select "Super Terrain"
● Price revision
The price may be revised due to future expansion of functions.
It is advantageous to purchase at an early stage.

15. Before using

The copyright holder and the developer do not take any responsibility for the result of operating this application.

When you start GPS for the first time, the message "Do you want to allow the use of location services?" Is displayed. Please allow it.

Continuous use of the GPS function will drain the battery.
If your device is also used for emergency contact, take appropriate measures such as carrying a spare battery.

A simple explanation of the navigation function is provided in PDF below.

If you record a track (trajectory) on some smartphones, it may be interrupted or you may not be able to record.
This is because the background application is forcibly dropped by the power saving function, and on the application side
I can't deal with it. The same phenomenon is occurring in other apps.
If you turn off the lights while the super terrain is displayed, the record will continue for a while, but it is a fundamental solution.
Not. note that. تحميل وإعداد ملف APK مخزن اللعب أو تحميل وتثبيت obb الأصلي من جوجليبلاي AppStore.

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