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Бесплатно Strategy Game © Elex Wireless.

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39651 votes, 9 stars

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Вы собираетесь скачать Clash of Kings : Wonder Falls 3.21.0 APK файл для андроид 6.0 com.hcg.cok.gp-3-21-0-APKDom.com.apk Последнее обновление 31 января 2018 & Возрастная категория Everyone 10+. Убедитесь, что у вас достаточно места на вашем Андроид устройстве для загрузки.

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Clash of Kings : Wonder Falls Отзывы о Последней Версии

3 stars: It's a great game, if you have the time and/or money to spend on it. I find there are a few glitches, including but not limited to, lagging when scrolling in Kingdom, game not letting you collect rewards, and all controls on Kingdom Map disappearing. I find the best solution is to restart the game. Edit: Recently, I restarted the game. I placed a Fort before they wanted me to, and now it's not letting me play, since building the Fort is required, for whatever reason. If you want it to be required, that's okay. JUST DON'T FORCE US TO PUT IT IN ONE SPOT. Let us choose where it goes. I can't even swap accounts! ;-;
5 stars: عالی ، فقط سرباز ساختنش سخته
5 stars: Cool game
5 stars: All times update game and have to much errors and problems in update and special in chat
5 stars: عالی ، فقط سرباز ساختنش سخته
5 stars: Yang mau gabung hubungi saya. TNI
5 stars: Good
5 stars: It's great 😍
5 stars: It is the best
4 stars: I have been playing this game since 4-5 months 1 main thing came into my mind.. The chinese players what they upgrade in one day we upgrade it 3-4 weeks its manly because they get packs in only 50 cents thats too cheap .. One question to the game developer why dont u bane this from other contries and sell only in china ?.. Every single killing event 5-6 just leave the game its useless to grow everytime u grow the chinese players takes it all.. Now thats even better for them!!
5 stars: Many mails sent ...

Clash of Kings : Wonder Falls   Что Нового

"Advance Notice of New Functions: -Hero Recruitment System will be released soon. You can access through the pop up button on the Hero Palace. There is a chance for you to get heroes as well as tons of Hero Recruitment Cards by using items. Moreover, there are 5 brand new heroes awaiting you. "