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Obter a última versão do Ampere Charging Current Aplicativo de Tools para Android. if you need charging current and discharging current of device use Ampere charging current. Sometimes you might be confuse that one charger/ USB cable set charges your mobile phone very fast... Leia mais >

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Ampere Charging Current
Ampere Charging Current

Ampere Charging Current   Descrição

Mais recente Ampere Charging Current apk Baixar. if you need charging current and discharging current of device use Ampere charging current. Sometimes you might be confuse that one charger/ USB cable set charges your mobile phone very fast and the other does it very slow. This ampere charging current will prevent you from using bad quality charging cable, you can also notice which charger/cable is good for super fast charging, how much the current flows in the cable, whether cable you are using to charge your device fluctuate or in good state and your battery health is still good or you need to replace your battery or charger/ cable.
Many people in Europe, USA and other countries charge their cellphone in cars by using car charger, now you can check the quality of cable or the current flows in it by ampere charging current. Ampere Charging current measure most accurately current flow and voltage. This has also been seen that a lot of people use high ampere cable for quick charging mobile which in result drain and decrease health of their battery. This amazing and useful app also shows that how many ampere charging current mobile phones take when connected with USB cable or charger(AC/ Wireless).
ampere charging current lets you charge your every device with ease and comfort. It examines all those unwanted services that drain out the battery or decrease the battery life like auto sync, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Mobile Data like 3G which consume more battery, high screen brightness as well as screen time out and turns them off when needed. ampere charging current is a very useful and must have app which measure the charging and discharging current of your battery in use.
ampere charging current can be used on wide range of mobile devices which runs android 4.0.3 or later, whether some devices doesn’t have appropriate measurement chip installed by the manufacturer.
Devices which support this amazing ampere charging app:-
-All LG devices.
-Samsung Galaxy S4.
-Samsung Galaxy S5.
-Samsung Galaxy S6.
-Nexus5, Nexus 6.
-Motorola G.
-HTC M9.
Pro features of this app:-
-Shortcuts to turn on off services.
-Current Battery estimate.
-Nice and user friendly UI.
-Shows the battery usage within the app.
-Automatically turn off Wi-Fi, 3G enabled services.
-Automatically turn off Bluetooth.
- Battery amperage
-Live charging measurement in mA (milliampere).
-Battery discharging current in mA (milliampere).
Extra pro features includes:-
-Charging monitor of Battery
-Wireless charging measurement.
-How much battery left.
-How long battery will charge.
-Super Faster charger.
-Current Flow of Battery
-Ram Monitor.
-Plug Type.
-Voltage of Battery.
-Temperature of Battery.
-Battery Technology.
-Version of android system.
-Auto Refresh of values constantly.
If you need SUPER FAST BATTERY CHARGER try Ampere Charging Meter
Disclaimer note:-
Please don't use the readings on ampere charging current as concrete science. However, the readings are good enough to relatively measure how various chargers and USB cables fair on the same device. Baixe e configure o arquivo APK Play Store ou baixe e instale o obb original de GooglePlay AppStore .

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