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Hol dir die letzte Version von Kindergarten Simulator Spiel von Simulation für Android. Kindergarten Simulator game will surprise you!. After passing this game, you definitely will not stay the same. Kindergarten Simulator is difficult to describe, it's probably a kind of... Weiterlesen >

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Neueste Kindergarten Simulator apk Herunterladen. Kindergarten Simulator game will surprise you!. After passing this game, you definitely will not stay the same. Kindergarten Simulator is difficult to describe, it's probably a kind of short visual novel for 5 hours of time with several endings and complete freedom of choice. This means that unlike any Endless Years there, you can die almost at every step, if you do not go into your own business. Therefore, the first rule in the Kindergarten Simulator - be vigilant.
So that you do not take in the Kindergarten Simulator game, as a result, the day starts anew, turning what is happening into a real nightmare. As such, the main goal is not - you can try to go through the story in all ways, after learning the story of every child and adult. As a bonus, you can collect 25 hidden cards to get the final ending, which looks very mysterious even for Kindergarten.
As will be accepted in 2018, most likely, in the game Kindergarten was not without an apocalypse. Anyway, the gameplay itself looks minimal and modern-Americanized. This means that the kindergarten resembles a standard American school of films - drugs, trafficking, humiliation of the weak, a clear hierarchy with sixes and grouses. Here is such a game about kindergarten android kindergarten spiele .
In this game, the picture is extremely pixelated and sometimes frankly cruel. Die from a bullet, a fist, a mop and worse than that. Each death gives a small clue.
The kindergarten game contains a reward system. For example, for the successful completion of the plot, you receive a permanent slayaway camp prize, which will be allowed on the 'next day' to be taken to the garden. Maximum of these can be brought three. They, of course, can affect some events just like chill. Also, at the end of the day, all the extracted money is placed in an equally permanent piggy bank, where they can be taken with you and bought stuff. The local dealer has everything to choose from: toys, devices, food, and he's the only one who can normally read in the game kindergarten spiele.
In the world of Kindergarten, the morning always begins with the gathering stage near the kindergarten, where you can chat with the rest of the children, trying to persuade someone to make friends. As a matter of fact there it is necessary to divide into pairs and play something. Well, or do nothing and sit in proud solitude. Then we have to go to the dining room, where the food is served, and finally, to sum up the results of the day, showing an important subject. As if, for that day you did something, be kind, show the fruit of your frantic labors. If you do not bring anything with you, you will be sent to the barefoot hour, where they will be punished properly. Bullet through the eyes! Yes baby, this is Kindergarten game!
In my childhood, everything was simple: "but let's be friends," and "come on!". In Kindergarten at first time it will not be possible to find an approach to most of the children. Then they go through a series of tasks, then earn a reputation, then prove something, directly, consumer friendship.
Without money in Kindergarten as in real life, there is nothing to do at all, and a service to one is always fraught with troubles on all fronts. Do you want to ride up to the coolest girl? Well, then go shut up the chewing gum in the hair of the object of her hatred. Then play with her in the children's house, then feed. In general, they force me to work in Kindergarten in full.
With adults, it's still worse to become a favorite of the teacher, you need to successfully engage in all the others, while surviving. And to reveal all the hidden details of the Kindergarten Simulator, hiding behind the disappearance of a child and a dog, one has to enlist the support of a bunch of characters at once.
* This game Kindergarten Simulator is not a continuation of High School Simulator 2018, but it has many similar events! Have a good game! Herunterladen und Einrichten spielen Store APK-Datei oder Obb herunterladen und installieren Originaldatei aus GooglePlay Appstore.

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