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得到的最后一个版本 TriviaSpar 游戏 从 Trivia 对于 Android. Play the most expansive trivia quiz game on Google Play!Test your knowledge against over 100,000 trivia players in dozens of trivia categories. TriviaSpar contains over 19 million trivia... 阅读详细信息 >

TriviaSpar   io.knowledge.triviaspar   应用程序详细信息

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TriviaSpar   说明

最新 TriviaSpar apk 下载. Play the most expansive trivia quiz game on Google Play!

Test your knowledge against over 100,000 trivia players in dozens of trivia categories. TriviaSpar contains over 19 million trivia questions with thousands more added monthly in curated trivia quiz tournaments.

TriviaSpar is new trivia mobile app available for download on Google Play.

- Over 19 million objective fact based trivia questions.
- Questions in the TriviaSpar app range across hundreds of categories from pop-culture, to movies, to geography, to professional questions like coding.

Trade in Tokens For Real Products & Prizes!

TriviaSpar players win tokens for their engagement and ranking in all trivia matches and tournaments played.

- Token rewards can be used for real products like Google Home, Amazon Echo, or a Tile Pro Series, and many more in the in-app marketplace!

New Resources: Gold, Gems and Energy!

Gems are utilized for purchasing abilities, ability level ups and some items.

Gold coins will be used for purchase of single-use items in the form of experience boosters, gem potions and more! Gems, and gold coins can be obtained via pre-existing trivia games, including Knowledge Clashes, KnowledgeSpars and Quick Matches.

New Spar Abilities: Gain A Strategic Edge

Each spar ability will cost gems per each upgrade level. Unlike single-use items like boosters and potions, abilities will only have to be purchased once to be equipped and used in-game permanently.

Only (3) unique abilities can be equipped at a time, and 1 booster item in the top equip bar menu. Use of abilities in a game will cost a specific amount of energy per usage, energy cost is distinguished in the abilities menu per ability.

New Items!

Players seeking to maximize on experience, and resource rewards can utilize single-use items to generate more from their victories in TriviaSpar.

Play KNOWLEDGECLASH, New Trivia Quiz Tournaments Every 72 Hours!

The KnowledgeClash is updated every 72 hours with a new trivia quiz tournament loaded with new questions into the TriviaSpar game.

- Quiz tournament subjects are based on popular topics and current events such as sporting events, holidays and more.
- KnowledgeClash trivia tournaments can also be pre-existing quick match subjects that are being played with high frequency.
- A KnowledgeClash trivia quiz tournament will allow up to a maximum of the first 1000 players to play, with 3 rounds of 5 questions each. Test your quiz skills, win rewards.

Create Your Own Trivia Experience: Dozens of Trivia Categories Available For Custom Quick Matches

- Dozens of Educational trivia topics such as art, literature, science, history and entertainment based topics like video games and movies!
- Once a player creates their own Quick Match, other trivia players can join in and test their trivia skills against one another.

Check Your Trivia Rankings With Tournament Leaderboards

- Every KnowledgeClash and KnowledgeSpar trivia quiz will have a leaderboard in it’s tournament menu.
- Get tested based upon answer accuracy and time spent answering the trivia quiz!

Join The TriviaSpar Community!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TriviaSpar/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/triviaspar
Telegram: https://t.me/Triviaspar 下载和安装玩店 APK 文件或下载和安装 obb 原从GooglePlay 应用商店。

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