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免费 Photography App © Adobe.

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您将要下载 Adobe Capture 5.1.2 APK 安卓系统文件 4.2 com.adobe.creativeapps.gather-5-1-2-APKDom.com.apk 上次更新时间 07 五月 2019 & 年龄评级 Everyone. 请确保您有足够的空间供下载 Android 设备上。

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5 stars: Patterns and Looks are brilliant tools. Been playing around in the garden the weekend, and works very well.
5 stars: Works perfectly fine on my Samsung A6+, the UI is decent and it's pretty easy to use as well. Reading through the reviews however, I have to say that if you don't know how to use something so simple then you should probably check a few tutorials online. It won't take more than just a little bit of your time to learn as long as your IQ is higher than room temperature.
5 stars: Mind blowing app! Even if youre not creating assets, its just so much fun to play with! The stoner deadbeats will definately enjoy this one too!
5 stars: This is something that can expound your creative mind, hope you keep this going Adobe, because this is only the edge of what will become something big. enjoy
5 stars: love this tool. i use ig daily and its amazing to see what can be done.
5 stars: it is amazing and just realized the type text font aspect! I love this app and I am about to learn more
4 stars: this app help me for many things, it quite fun to. so 4 star
3 stars: how to save as png after capturing the image??? help me out!!
5 stars: this app is an amazing tool. I cant afford adobe products, so this app has made it possible to do things i wouldnt have been able to do with out it. easy to use, intuative and fun. 5 stars
4 stars: Great app, would love to see an update on the icon for (stock) Android tho. Right now it's not in line wi...

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Adobe Capture apk bug fixes and app improvements. New download for Adobe Capture apk file.