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الحصول على الإصدار الأخير من Maid in UFO لعبة من Casual لـ Android. The nStarcube and the Sinsiroad's collaboration of development!Maids vs. Aliens! Beginning of fight for their doom!A game with a spin off episode but came out before the original... قراءة المزيد >

Maid in UFO   com.nstarcube.maid   تفاصيل التطبيق

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Maid in UFO   لقطات الشاشة

Maid in UFO
Maid in UFO

Maid in UFO   الوصف

أحدث Maid in UFO apk تنزيل. The nStarcube and the Sinsiroad's collaboration of development!
Maids vs. Aliens! Beginning of fight for their doom!

A game with a spin off episode but came out before the original episode.
No one can speak the word 'Impact' without playing this game!

One day, we got the sudden attack from the planet of baldrians!
Eventually, they landed their UFO to the roof top of a building of a maid café 'White Frill'…
The difference of values that can not be narrowed, humanity is in danger of ruin.
Wil the maids can save the world from the outer space enemy?
Well, seems one of them is already down but, who cares? Fight for the earth!

You can not save the world by yourself…
Collect 3 identical maids and attack the UFO!
Clear the stages and collect your rewards.
And you'll get more powerfull maids! Grow up maids!

No Gacha and no stamina either! That means NONE of burden in this mini game!
Enjoy the massive stories with the unique characterful maids!

★ Recommended for people like this! ★
The one who can't wait for filling up the stamina!
The one who loves a fun scenario with kawaii little girls!
The one who'd like to enjoy an extreme physical puzzles!

★ How to play ★
1. Grab and move a maid who's falling down from the sky.
2. Collected 3 identical maids are going to attack UFO.
3. Use the skills of the characters, drive the UFO into destroy!
4. Once the stamina of the UFO runs out, you win!
5. Strengthen your units by collecting the point of experience and rewards!
6. Aim to clear of triple star ★★★ with your overwhelming power!

Homepage : http://blog.sinsiroad.com/
Twitter : @sinsiroad

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