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Get the last version of You hypnotizer app - Simulated Game from Music for Android. The super hypnosis simulator for phone creates visual effects for a short period of time, looking like you've been hypnotized. You hypnotizer app - Simulated This free game is not a real... Read More >

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You hypnotizer app - Simulated
You hypnotizer app - Simulated

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Latest You hypnotizer app - Simulated apk Download. The super hypnosis simulator for phone creates visual effects for a short period of time, looking like you've been hypnotized. You hypnotizer app - Simulated This free game is not a real hypnotist but can create visual effects simulating a hypnotic state.
Super illusions uses strobe images, if you are sensitive to flickering lights it is not advisable to use this app.
Ready to go into another visual dimension and see the objects around you how they deform?
Open your game, choose the animation of the optical effect that surprises you most, look at the center of optical hypnosis for 30 seconds, do not look away from the center until the time chronometer reaches zero. Now stare at any object in your environment and fix your sight on it and flip with what happens. The object you are observing will begin to deform and move, it will dynamically change its morphology, you will see how it expands or contracts, you will see how it moves even though it is really still. The hypnotic illusion effect will last you a few seconds, after that time everyone will return to normal. Each illusion creates a different hypnotizing effect for a few seconds. Some effects give the sensation of being floating, as of weightlessness.
Now try another optical illusion and look at a glass of water or the keyboard of your computer. Do you see how it deforms ?. You can also look at distant objects like a mountain or a building to laugh at as you move.

Usage tips:
- Put your phone or tablet in a horizontal position to better see some illusions of this app.
- Remember that each optical illusion animation creates a different visual effect.
- Do not remove the view of the central clock during the illusion time to get the correct effect.
- Use this game in places with good lighting to increase the effect for You hypnotizer app - Simulated apk download of hallucination.
- Pause in every illusion to rest your eyes

In the first version you can get the effect of Swirl, Black Hole, Expansion, Weightlessness and Tornado. In future versions we will increase the number of hypnosis.
How to unlock new hallucinations?
The first hallucination comes unlocked and you can use it as many times as you want, to get new optical illusions you have to overcome levels in the game of illusions that it has incorporated. Open the mini game and start to overcome levels, the operation is very simple, touch the screen of your mobile phone to throw the small balls towards the center, the central ball is rotating continuously to either side, prevents small balls from touching or If you get all the balls in the center you will go to the next level, if a small ball collides with another ball, then you lose the game, but do not worry, you can try again, as many times as necessary. The more screens you get, the more visual effects you can get.

- The application is translated internally in 40 languages, depending on the language you have activated in the operating system of your device.
- 5 different hypnosis you can get
- Includes hypnotic sounds within each simulated hypnotizing effect.
- Operation of the central regression chronometer in both horizontal and vertical display position dynamically
- Sharing, grading and repeat options for each hallucination
- Enable / Disable audio within the illusion set.
- Compatible with phones and tablets since version 2.3 of Android.
- Instructions, warnings and advice inside the game.

Thanks for downloading Super Illusions, the game that will make you see the world around you in different ways for a few seconds.
You can write comments and suggestions to help us expand and improve this game. Download and setup Play Store APK file or download and install obb original from GooglePlay AppStore.

Download You hypnotizer app - Simulated APK

    Download disclaimer: You hypnotizer app - Simulated (com.copitogames.super_illusions) is the property and trademark from COPITO GAMES S.L..

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