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Get the last version of Runes Quest Match 3 Game from Puzzle for Android. Runes Quest is a fun match-3 puzzle game for all ages which will delight you with colorful effects and interesting puzzles. Match runes by three or more to make them disappear.Multiple... Read More >

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Runes Quest Match 3
Runes Quest Match 3

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Latest Runes Quest Match 3 apk Download. Runes Quest is a fun match-3 puzzle game for all ages which will delight you with colorful effects and interesting puzzles. Match runes by three or more to make them disappear.
Multiple levels, locations and interesting mechanics are sure to keep you entertained.
Rune Quest is an exciting new match-3 game, you will enjoy its interesting puzzles and colorful effects!

Runes Quest features:
- More than 350 unique levels.
- A variety of different game mechanics.
- Traveling around diverse world;
- Compete with your friends – beat them, earn more points, find out who is the best treasure hunter!
- Invite friends and get bonuses;
- Variety of game modes: time mode, points mode, collecting necessary elements and etc.
- Colorful graphics, amazing effects and animation.
- You can even play without an Internet connection!

Legend has it that in the depth of the lost dungeon there is a hidden trail to the lost city Amber. According to the legend, the one who first enter the city gets hold of fabulous treasure. And it isn’t gold or some precious stones, though it’s enough of such things there. In the city center, right on top of the ancient pyramid, there is a statue of the goddess Askho with a golden cup in her hands. The golden cup contains the last drop of the ancient elixir of life – Ambrosia. The one who drinks it, the legend says, gains all the lost knowledge of the ancient gods and can cure others with word.
Our character, John Indianso, set out to find the ancient city together with his faithful companion Mushroom. On the way they face many challenges:
In the first chapter, they will pass through the ancient dungeon and find the lost path to Amber. All the walls of the cave are painted with ancient runes. The riddle solved only, our characters will be able to pass on.
In the second chapter, John and Mushroom will have to wade through the snow-covered mountain trails, hewing their way through ice walls.
In the third chapter, the spring forest with puddles of floating mud is waiting for our characters. They say that in this forest there are ancient totems, sending curses on travelers.
In the fourth chapter, the travelers will enter the tropical jungle, where no human has ever set foot. Here untold riches and traps, placed by ancient Indians, are waiting for them.
In the fifth chapter, a thirst trial is waiting for our characters ... But more on that later!
Plunge into the adventure of John Indianso and his faithful companion Mushroom in search of lost treasures! Multiple levels, a variety of locations and interesting puzzles won’t let you feel bored.
Forward to adventure! Download and setup Play Store APK file or download and install obb original from GooglePlay AppStore.

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