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Get the last version of SAM Alarm App from Auto & Vehicles for Android. Alarm with no installation, via GPS for trucks, cars, motorcycles or anything that you can get tracking!!!No extra costs, no subscriptions, no commercials, no SPAM.• Alarms you when location... Read More >

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Latest SAM Alarm apk Download. Alarm with no installation, via GPS for trucks, cars, motorcycles or anything that you can get tracking!!!
No extra costs, no subscriptions, no commercials, no SPAM.
• Alarms you when location is changed from initial location.
• Real time GPS tracking over a map when alarm is activated
• Remote arming or disarming alarm (Useful for fixed installations or motorcycles...)
• Four differents alarms activated and controlled from your personal phone.
What you need for operation:
You will need two android mobile phones, both phones must have this app, active SIM cards with Internet data.
1st Phone – this is the phone that will be kept in your vehicle
2nd Phone – this phone is your everyday phone which you have with you
Pairing the phones:
In the app Settings, on both devices you must configure the same Gmail to use with the app, then you pair the devices with the same alarm ID (You can set up 4 different alarm ID to use with the app)
Arming or disarming the system:
To arm the alarm, press the button on the 1st phone (that will be in your vehicle) or start it remotely with the other device, in a few for SAM Alarm apk download seconds alarm is armed and ready. (If you start remotelly 2nd device is in mode surveillance).
If you do this opperation manually you have to activate 2nd device in mode suveillance when you want...
You can make a simulation with one device:
1. Use manual operation.
2. Activate alarm and automatically have park location established...
3. Make a travel with your vehicle (When you move it alarm will be activated an data will be sent)
4. Exit app, that stops alarm.
5. Restart app. Now press the button Surveillance mode, in few seconds you can retrieve data of your travel till the vehicle has stopped.
This application will transform your spare mobile phone into extra protection for your car. Install SAM Alarm into your spare mobile phone and place it in your car out of view. From now on your car will be protected by the app Alarm.
After activating Alarm, you will be alerted if your vehicle is stolen, next you have real tracking GPS over the map that where is located if alarm is activated.
Test free version at Google Play
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sam.software.samalarmfree Download and setup Play Store APK file or download and install obb original from GooglePlay AppStore.

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