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Get the last version of 밀리의 서재 - 독서와 무제한 친해지리 from Books & Reference for Android. Google Play Best App of the Year 2021Best Foldable Apps of the Year 2021Self-development app that shined this year on Google Play in 2019Life movies, songs, and restaurants are all there,... Read More.

밀리의 서재 - 독서와 무제한 친해지리   kr.co.millie.millieshelf   App Details

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밀리의 서재 - 독서와 무제한 친해지리
밀리의 서재 - 독서와 무제한 친해지리

밀리의 서재 - 독서와 무제한 친해지리   Description

Latest 밀리의 서재 - 독서와 무제한 친해지리 apk Download. Google Play Best App of the Year 2021
Best Foldable Apps of the Year 2021
Self-development app that shined this year on Google Play in 2019

Life movies, songs, and restaurants are all there, but what about life books?
Find it in Millie's study.

● Google WearOS
- Use Millie's library on a smart watch with Google WearOS.

● Is there no life book out of 100,000 books?
- Millie updates more than 3,000 books every month
- Hot new books, 100 books updated every 7 days
- Holds 50% of TOP 20 bookstore bestsellers
- Up to 5 times the number of best sellers
- Genre updates every Monday, such as fantasy, martial arts, and romance

● Millie's complete reading index, precious time like gold
- Analyzing the probability of reading a book completely based on the big data of 3 million members
- From the completion rate and time of the book to understanding your taste

● Fun reading just by choosing, Millie Today
-Today's Topic recommends books based on the latest trends
-Today's book recommends a must-read book today
- This is a book like this when members recommend books that are perfect for my situation.
- Popular keywords for rapidly rising books such as stocks, real estate, romance, and novels

● The world's most sophisticated sleeping pill, audio book
- With Android Auto function, you can enjoy audio books while driving
- Audiobooks that show books that are more effective than audiobooks that are only listened to
-Audio book that reads only the key points in 30 minutes
- Audiobooks read by celebrities from Lee Je-hoon to Ok Joo-hyun

● Reading is always close, and reading is always easy
- First month free with first subscription!
- Charge X even if you cancel during the free trial period
- Up to 7 days before payment conversion via text message!
- Even if payment is made, immediate refund if there is no usage history
- When paying for the app, the payment is made to your Google Playstore account, and 9,900 won is automatically charged every month after the free period ends.

● Inquiries
- Please leave inquiries and suggestions to the customer center at any time.

Millie's Study Customer Center

Millie's Study App > Management > Customer Center > 1:1 Inquiry

Terms of service

privacy policy

● Guide to service access rights
- To use Millie's library, the following access rights are required.
- You can use the service even if you do not agree to the optional access rights.

[Required access rights]

Required for voice control when using other media apps while using audiobook or text-to-speech (TTS) mode

Permissions required to save e-books and allow continuous reading thereafter

[Optional access rights]

* Camera (CAMERA)
Permission to upload photos when changing my study profile and writing posts

* Vehicle information (CAR_VENDOR_EXTENSION)
Permission to use Android Auto service

* System Settings (WRITE_SETTINGS)
Permissions required to adjust the brightness in the viewer Download and setup Play Store APK file or download and install obb original from GooglePlay AppStore.

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