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AlarmRun (Final Alarm)
AlarmRun (Final Alarm)

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Latest AlarmRun (Final Alarm) apk Download.

★★★ Free today with App of the Day. Unlock paid features for free every day! ★★★
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Most effective alarm application - AlarmRun
The most scary alarm in the world ever. Can't help waking up from your bed.

You won’t believe how fast AlarmRun gets you jump out of bed.
The concept is quite simple!

If you don’t wake up on time, AlarmRun will post on your SNS with a comment “I’m trapped in my bed, get me out!”
Other optional fun features include:
- Sending an SMS message to friends to wake you up
- Sending an SMS message to a random person in your phone contact list
- Posting a random picture from your phone’s photo gallery to your SNS

Internal testing results have showed a 100% success rate.

How do I say this…?
I wonder what these guys were thinking when they made this.
Shames you into getting out of bed, but it works in thrilling, shocking and in suspense way!

Very good! AlarmRun provides many ways to wake you up.
The SNS posting feature definitely works though.

For example, the followings are available.

1) You pick someone of interest to send an SMS to when you don’t wake up. This alone will make you jump out of bed.
2) In the case of couples, AlarmRun will not only help you wake up, but help foster your relationship closer and closer.
3) If you are living alone, you can choose your mom as a friend whom the fail message is sent to. She will definitely get you out of bed!
4) For students who were always late to their 1st class in a day, you can designate your professor. He will definitely remember you.
5) For employees, you can also designate your boss, although that would really suck if the messages goes out.

Installation Instruction
1) First after installing Alarmrun, you can login through Twitter, Facebook, or Kakao Story to accept the challenge. How brave AlarmRun is!
2) Upon login, designate the unlock pattern and you can add an alarm.
3) While adding alarms there are several options, including sending failure or success message via SMS to random people or friends who can help you wake up.
4) Every morning when I open my eyes, the alarm is the first thing I think about. Because I know that if I don’t, a failure message will be posted on my SNS.
5) Every time I successfully wake up, the level score progresses.

Depending on how you use it, AlarmRun can be exciting! From now, you can enjoy AlarmRun with your friends. Good luck!

READ_CONTACT과 SEND_SMS Permission description:
Two permissions (SEND_SMS, READ_CONTACT) are used for picking a friend who can help you to wake up and random SMS sending functionality.

This English Version is translated by fellows' help in below
Jason Choo
Alexander Park

Contact us if there is a weird expressions in English
and Please Contact us if you want to use this application, who are not English speaking people. Could you help us to translate all text stuffs in your language? We're just Korean people so that couldn't make it for every language versions so far. We're eager to invite you to AlarmRun. Your name will be carved in your language description! Thank you in advance!

[email protected]>

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